The Full-Inverter TurboSilence

Thanks to Full-Inverter technology and its boost mode, the product adjusts the compressor speed from 20% to 120%, unlike traditional heat pumps that operate only at full capacity until the required temperature is reached. The result? An exceptionally quiet product, at the peak of its performance!

5 years

Complete warranty of 5 years for parts & labor. 10 years for the compressor and Heat Exchanger!

At the top of its game

Just like its little sister, the Moov Inverter, the Moov TurboSilence heat pump incorporates Full-Inverter technology, allowing it to automatically vary its operating speed. The TurboSilence is the result of years of development and optimization to create a product of very high reliability for extended warranty. Optimization of its ventilation, internal components, and product control allows it to increase its performance coefficient and thus its efficiency.

The Moov TurboSilence

At the top of its game!

Reduction of costs

Reduce seasonal electricity costs by 30% to 50%! Calculate your savings with our calculator.

Stronger COP than traditional heat pumps

The Coefficient of Performance compares the efficiency of a product to other BTU equivalents. The COP of the Moov TurboSilence is on average 12 instead of 4 or 5.

Terribly silent

As low as 41dB at 3m. You will not find an equivalence in its category!

Soft starter

Reduced initial electrical demand which prevents problems with the circuit breaker. Smaller circuit breakers. Extended durability.


Tomorrow’s equipment is no longer just products that can be intelligently connected, but rather products that must be. The Moov TurboSilence is no exception to this rule and integrates Wi-Fi connectivity for continuous remote control. Control usage settings via its free app, receive alerts about any issues encountered, or let the controller record data to facilitate any service interventions!

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