The PAR56 replacement light

Does your pool date back to the days of halogen lights? Replacement globes are too expensive and won’t survive the winter? Check out our replacement PAR56 kit!


Compatible with several old lights installed in niches by using the P56CLA adaptor!

LED Lights

LED bulbs are up to 80% more energy efficient than halogen bulbs in addition to having an extended lifespan. They are more resistant and less expensive than halogen lights in addition to being installable in less than 5 minutes!

100W Transformer

Has your old transformer passed away? Replace it with our transformer and voila! 12V and 14V lines with an on/off switch.

Bluetooth and Wifi controller

Want to control your lights remotely? Add the ML100C controller and get the free app on your phone! This allows you to set timers, control the lights remotely and even dim the brightness of the lights.

LED Lighting

Energy Efficient.

Lights only have one mission: Illuminate. Moov lights have a second: Last longer.

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