The Full-Inverter heat pump with variable speed

Thanks to our full-inverter technology, the product adapts the speed of its compressor from 20% to 100% unlike traditionnal heat pumps which only operate at a single speed until they reach the desired temperature. The result? A much lower operation cost and a more accurate and durable technology.

Reversible defrost

Just like its little sister the Moov Reversible, the Moov Inverter heat pump works with reversible valve defrosting. Considered to be the best way to defrost the product at low temperature's, this approach allows the product to operate in the opposite direction to its usual tendency, thus allowing accelerated defrosting to then heat better.

Moov Inverter

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More of a visual learner? So are we.

Watch this short video that will introduce you to how our product operates and what it has under the hood. Discover its perks and adopt variable speed technology.

Why chose Full-Inverter technology

The Moov Inverter : The first complete lineup of full-inverter heat pumps!

Reduction of cost

Reduce seasonal electricity costs by 30% to 50%! Calculate your savings with our calculator.

Stronger COP than traditional heat pumps

The Coefficient of Performance compares the efficiency of a product to other BTU equivalents. The COP of the Moov Inverter is on average 8 instead of 4 or 5.

Deadly silent

As low as 48dB at 1m. You will not find an equivalence in its category!

Soft starter

Reduced initial electrical demand which prevents problems with the circuit breaker. Smaller circuit breakers. Extended durability.

Can the Moov Inverter cool my pool?

Some markets require a product that heats pool water and also cools it. Our product allows you to transform your pool into a cold bath experiment as you can see in some Nordic baths!

The Moov Inverter has some models that cool the pool water in addition to heating it. The FIC product line has the same characteristics as the MI models, but has the “cooling” option. Please contact your dealer or Moov Pool Products to receive manuals and documentation for this purpose.






Please refer to the brochure or manual available at the top of this page for all current specifications on our products.

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