Moov Ai

Discover the Moov Ai Inverter Pump, which integrates self-learning and self-adapting speed variation in Pro Mode. Control its speed from 30% to 100% or utilize the overdrive mode at 120% to ensure self-priming. This pump is the first of its kind to automatically recognize the flow in the waterline and will automatically adapt. Did we say how silent it was? You won’t believe it until you hear it!

Average 50% less

Seasonal savings on electrical usage compared to a single-speed pump

How silent is the Moov Ai?

Single Speed Pump
Moov Ai Pump

What makes it Ai?

Pro Mode

You can control your pump speed by percentage in the standard mode or you can activate Pro Mode. When in Pro Mode, the Moov Ai will calculate the flow in the waterline and adapt it's running speed to match your flow demand. By closely monitoring any change in the water line pressure, such as the filter getting clogged after a few weeks, the pump would ramp up automatically its speed to ensure it provides the same flow. This self-learning feature makes it an incredible asset for pools with water features or pool experts.

More of a visual learner? So are we.

Watch this short video that will introduce you to how our product operates and what it has under the hood. Discover its perks and adopt variable speed technology.

The perks

It's not just the product that is beautiful, its benefits are too!

Wifi Control

No need for expensive automation panels. Control everything, at any time, from anywhere!

Real-time Consumption

Monitor at all time the current electrical consumption. See how thrifty this product truly is!

What is Inverter Technology for pumps?

Inverter Pool Pumps

Evolved. Thrifty. Silent.

First were Single-Speed pumps, then came Variable-Speed pumps. Now, step up your game with Inverter pool pumps.

Learn more about the difference!

Variable-Speed or Inverter?

What's the difference?

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