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Moov Salt System

New generation hybrid salt systems

Hybrid salt systems allow customers to choose the salinity level of their pool and adapt it through the season if necessary. Using a current density control system (Amperage Control) instead of a current voltage control system (Voltage Control), we found a more accurate production of chlorine. Customizable and efficient, enjoy crystal clear water at all times.


Choose the operation level from Low Salt (1500ppm) or Regular Salt (3000ppm).

Real-time data

Track your water's temperature, salt level, remaining cell life and pH level*. All in real-time!


Take control of your pool remotely! The bluetooth system allows access to the product and captures all the data for the last 6 months of use of your pool.


Calcium tends to accumulate at one end of the electrolysis that occurs in the cell. By reversing the poles automatically, this calcium is repelled and redirected into the water, limiting its accumulation in the cell and thus making it self-cleaning.

How does it work?

Salt electrolysis

Salt electrolysis occurs by using a positive and a negative pole in the cell, thus enabling electrolysis. The electrolysis separates the salt particles (NaCl) that are present in the water into two molecules; sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). This is how we keep the quality of the water crystal clear at all times with a constant, but minimal injection of chlorine into the water.

Moov Salt Systems

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