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The Moov Inverter uses the variable speed technology.

As ridiculous as it sounds, traditional heat pumps only have one speed: 100% or 0%. You can imagine how demanding this system is on the equipment, its durability and its cost of use. The Full-Inverter technology allows the compressor to modulate its speed from 20% to 100% hertz by hertz.

30% to 50%

You'll reduce the cost of your electrical bill from 30% to 50%. This represents up to $800 in Florida or $600 in Ontario.


Up to 48dB at 1m when the unit is operating at 50%, which is its average seasonal speed! Discover how this technology created the most silent heat pump in the market.

Smaller breakers.

Our 90k, 110k et 140k models use 30A, 40A and 50A breakers. Normally, other products run on 50A ou 60A breakers in comparison. All thanks to our soft starter program!


Approved by AHRI, Moov Inverter heat pumps present the best data amongst variable speed heat pumps.

Imperative technical details

Dual Rotary DC Compressor

Based on the innovation of the dual mechanism, the rotors work together to reduce rotary shake. Long story short, it reduces wear and noise.

Titanium spiral heat exchanger

Our titanium heat exchanger provides 30% more heating area for your product performance. The more heat exchange, the more it heats your pool.

HP Booster technology

HP-Booster technology is patented and increases the coefficient of performance by 20% on average.

Moov Inverter

Discover our Moov Inverter

Discover the Moov Inverter

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