Discover reversible defrost.

Considered to be the best way to defrost the unit at low temperature, this approach allows the product to operate in the reverse direction, thus allowing accelerated defrosting and improved heating.

The Moov Reversible

A traditional heat pump unlike its big sister, the Moov Inverter. This heat pump runs on a world-renowned single-speed compressor. Its mission is to heat your pool as much as the weather conditions permit, while offering an impressive level of silence and unrivaled value for your money! In northern climates where temperatures can reach 10°C at the beginning and end of the season, a heat pump with reversible defrosting is imperative.

The perks

A simple, yet effective product!

Spiraled titanium heat exchanger

Our titanium heat exchanger provides 30% more heating area to improve your product performance. The more heat exchange, the more it heats your pool!

Dual rotary compressor

Based on the innovation of the dual mechanism, the two rotors operate together to balance the rotary shake. This provides increased efficiency and quieter operation.

Smart control thermostat

Integrating the Wi-Fi option, this smart and easy-to-use thermostat will allow you simple control of the unit.

Improved soundproofing

Reinforced by sound-absorbing pads, the entire mechanical chamber of the product is protected by walls that minimize noise.


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Looking for a more evolved product?

Moov Inverter

Silent. Powerful. Thrifty.

The Moov Inverter uses Full-Inverter technology, allowing it to vary its operating speed from 20% to 100% for a multitude of perks!

Moov Inverter

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