Discover salt chlorination

Salt pools allow independent and effective water quality control for all pools. Less time maintaining the pool means more time to use it!

Low Salt or Regular Salt?

The choice is yours! All Moov Pool Products salt systems are hybrid and can be adapted to your needs.

Plug & Play

Real time data

The Moov Justsalt comes with the accessory holder and various probes. Take advantage of data recorded throughout the season from your pool for a quick and simplified diagnosis of the quality of your water. Track your pool's temperature, salt level, cell life and pH level in real time!*

Moov Salt System

See the video

More of a visual learner? So are we.

Watch this short video that will show you how our product works and what it has under the hood. Discover and adopt the advantages of this new generation salt system!

The perks

It's not just the product that is beautiful, its features are too!

Bluetooth Control

Take remote control and access your pool's features and data directly via the ePool mobile application (Android and Apple).

Self-cleaning cell

Our self-cleaning cells by polarity inversion limit the creation of calcium and thus an extended lifespan!

Moov Salt System

Evolved. Streamlined. Peace of Mind.

What are salt systems and how do they work?

Discover the technology!


The sodium that makes your water taste salty!


The chlorine that keeps it crystal clear!


Please refer to the brochure or manual available at the top of this page for all current specifications on our products.

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