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Pool Technologie and Moov Pool Products Announce North American Partnership

Pool Technologie and Moov Pool Products announce a North American partnership.

Richard Lachance, president of Moov, indicates that this agreement will allow Pool Technologie to expand geographically their offerings in the North American market. “Their innovative products have an excellent reputation for reliability and performance. The salt electrolysis devices currently distributed in the North American market are generally less advanced. This will allow us to offer professionals more innovative devices that are still easy to sell, install, use, and maintain.”

Nicolas Osanno : “We are proud to partner with ‘Moov’ and Richard Lachance, former International Vice President of Hayward and president of Moov, for their knowledge of the Canadian and American markets, enabling us to achieve local certification and clear communication of our Minisalt® and Justsalt® product offerings. Their agile and pragmatic approach is similar to ours, and they will be perfectly trained to provide impeccable quality local customer service.”

About Pool Technologie

For 30 years, Pool Technologie has distinguished itself in the market by offering a complete range of solutions for automatic pool water treatment devices (electrolyzers, copper/silver ionizers, pH regulators, dosing devices). As a specialist in salt electrolysis water treatment, it offers its customers reliable and high-performance products, cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly, and sustainable. From its inception, Pool Technologie has chosen French manufacturing with on-site production and selecting local and national suppliers. As a leader in France and Europe, the company continues its strong growth, with over 30% of its revenue generated in Europe. In 2021, it joined the Nextpool group to continue its development and conquer new markets.