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The first 140k BTU Full-Inverter Heat Pump in North America.

What’s new?

Everyone’s been enjoying the some well deserved time off? All rested up and ready to go? Good. So are we! Find out what’s new at Moov Pool Products and what we have on the go for 2022.

Moov Pool Products is happy to introduce the first ever Full-Inverter 140k BTU in North America.

The bold title pretty much sums it all up! Moov Pool Products has developed with its partners the first 140k Full-Inverter available on the North American market, allowing now a full-range of units available for your needs. Fully certified by AHRI, you can rest assured this unit is at the top of its category. We’re proud of this accomplishment!

We’re at loss for words here

No words, just a video.

Anything else?

We’re trying to make this short for you all, but we really have to talk about the new extended warranty on all our Moov Inverter line extending the parts & labor warranty up to 3 years on all models and the new compressor part warranty of 5 years. You even have the heat exchanger covered for 5 years! Talk about peace of mind.

You should probably try out our online calculator  if you haven’t done it already. Your clients could figure out exactly how much they’d save with the Moov Inverter in the backyard instead of the old single-speed heat pumps.

Is this where we need to talk about the new Wifi modules coming in 2022 for full control of the unit on-the-go? Actually, we’ll get back to you shortly on that one.