Discover salt chlorination

Salt water pools allow independent and effective water quality control for all types of pools. Less time maintaining the pool means more time to use it!

Low Salt or Regular Salt?

The choice is yours! All Moov Pool Products salt systems are hybrid and can be adapted to your needs.

For a clear and crystal water

Simplified pool maintenance! The salt system is a more ecological, safe and autonomous solution for maintaining the quality of your pool's water. Salt (NaCl) is made up of two molecules: Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl). The electrolysis thus creates available chlorine to eliminate bacteria, algae and other unwanted particles, while the sodium gives a little salty taste to your water in addition to keeping it soft to the touch and for your eyes.

The perks

It's not just the product that is beautiful, its benefits are too!

Automatic flow stop

The system automatically stops chlorine production when it no longer detects waterflow. Lifetime of the cell is increased as well as the structure of your swimming pool!

Boost Mode

With the press of a simple button, increase the production of your system to 125% for 24 hours. After these 24 hours, the system will return to its last programming. Very useful when you need that chlorine shock treatment!

Looking for something more evolved?

Moov Justsalt

Evolved. Streamlined. Peace of Mind.

Discover the most technically advanced system in salt electrolysis! Real-time data and built-in bluetooth connectivity.

Discover the Justsalt

Real time data

Salt Level, pH Level, Water Temperature and more!

Bluetooth connectivity

Remote control from a distance!


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